Monday, April 12, 2010


Howdy folks

So, in order to raise some money to publish some new books, displaced is having a SALE SALE SALE. Get any two books by us for 10 bucks (or take all 3 for 15). This summer you could be enjoying great work by Yedda Morrison, Brenda Iijima, and Johan Jonson while all your friends look on filled with jealousy and awe. Or something.

Our upcoming projects include: work from Taylor Brady and Rob Halpern, and first books by Suzanne Stein, Brandon Brown, Samantha Giles, and Tom Donovan. If you’ve been thinking about buying a title, or if you just can’t wait to see these authors in print, please consider giving us a hand by purchasing a book from us!

10 dollars for any two books (while supplies last) or 15 for all three; include 1 dollar per book for s/h.

You can paypal ( or send a check directly to:

Brian Whitener
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Thanks for reading and your support.

Monday, December 7, 2009



We are VERY pleased to announce the publication of Brenda Iijima's REVV. YOU'LL--UTION, a visceral exploration of land, violence, and history, whose formal mixing of poetry, prose and photography opens new, unexpected vistas for contemporary writing. We love it. But don't take our word for it:

In REVV. YOU'LL--UTION, Brenda Iijima enacts a gorgeous, terrifying zero-degree literalism of interiority and internality cum fold, forcing us humans to see down and deep and also up and out into our global and galactic symbiosis. "Sing here archaeology/recovery Sing here sociology/legal aid": this work speaks through the canny avatars of REV and RAW and THIS IS THIS, whose muse brushes with the supermax, diamond trade, Agent Orange, torture, Katrina, and Iraq--oil spills, ice floes, extinction, and oceanic peril--til they are universalized to the touch. As Iijima limns petrified cultural, political, and biological distinctions to dilate and explode them, "animal" becomes "sibling breath," screen memories echo cell memory, and biometrics reveal our starred carbon and murder-marred marrow. Through a vision that strips us down and builds us up, she re-inserts and -inscribes us into prehistoric technologies, habitus, and aggressions, paths of past-as-present earth metamorphosis ("Is us was us is"). Yet Iijima's textual "electroencephalogram" works the synchronic and diachronic in tandem, alerting us to "our attendant bacterial compatriots" as to slave resistance as root of modernity--its utterly innovative, engaging cyber-primordialism forcing a clearer cutting of our teeth through its molarized language. As "police" are reconnoitered as "pig" as "amino acids," "dumb and doom" are finally im-muted to voice forth a spectral and de-spectralized nature whose "Glossolalia blushes syntax shut" and spurs us to "see without names." With its willingness to undertake the grunt-work of (a peculiarly linguistic) metempsychosis, REVV. YOU'LL--UTION imagines human being and impulse into sane coexistences, its concern and urgency engined by a material and intellectual beauty worth hymning. Let the pulse of its tumultuous mulch engulf you--"I puke up the pupae of change," as Iijima writes, "Intestine isn't this eye isn't this lyrical eye." This tour de force peptic brain-cleanse is also itself our renewed "connective tissue."

--Judith Goldman

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Johan Jönson's Collobert Orbital, translated by Johannes Göransson Now Available

We are pleased to announce the publication of Johan Jönson's Collobert Orbital (translated by Johannes Göransson)

Praise for Collobert Orbital from Mark Nowak:

If Vicente Huidobro met Georges Bataille on a Waste Management(R)truck, the result might be something akin to Johan Jönsson's Collobert Orbital, the new manifesto of "the waste-disposal-working-class." At times soaring across "aerospatiality," at others existentially grounded in "an overheated world factory" of "all work, all healthcare, all logistics," Jönsson's linguistic propulsions and dynamic formal innovations challenge "a victorious bourgeois poetry order" to, once again, rearticulate verse experimentation to the politics and poetics of working a day job.

Praise for Collobert Orbital from Bruce Andrews

DNA bonanza contaminant reverie, target overhead. Flock to revelator gridded up to have no stake in history. See that their grave is kept clean. Fatalize wrong, upend amphetamachinic tort. Zero immunity. Cology — hyperplex mini flair, underalphabetic biodebt. Ssay. I couldn't remember the advanced memory formula. Dunno ergo soma. Autoquadrilateral & exogeneric, the transparencies regroup. Law intuition anything uncocked reason craters. Eco rad mono dead with note attached, incalculably inorganic property of the object continuity you just heard — the world, overtime. Mooniac, tricked-up torso love before discharges false dichotomies start stuttering. Ahysterical — swiftest closeup transplant nude spatiality. "To speak an ecstatic technology." The flattest are the busiest arterial munchies. Sextras: bend them over. Faster buckle conjure against choice as surrogate overheating extinction as obliteratable chew. Speed mash mouth lexicon amphetamaneuver. The goo goo amok, self torture broad-minded guts — interzonad gaffered all over you. Put tools in your face. Overdifferent anti-creamery daub up name. Existential logistics: a porous will, a rectal will suckling finality. Mutate epithet or no ending belowgistics. Buzzerless blisscharge, cuties with fists pry open your syllables. Cunnilanguage, cunnilanguish — hope, a surgical implant. Wishful stun: harmony is a warning where anything can breathe. Poppy, missile! Safe, natural, bombing run — victory post-mortem lab blubber. Difference gets you dead. Prey unwriting rumba complicity radio spook you white on white disgust. Whiteous coke on scalpel socialized ice cream. The larval class: vote yes. Cattle reward you, interzonked Fanonical swearing in cattle corporation. Dark retro, subtlety reverses it up the ass. Wage labor, context meltdowns. War — short term memory loss. You think about a lot of things when you're insoluble. Reptility: turn gold into cash. PEWS (Political Economy [of the] World System) refusal mash-up. Organize the slaves to vaporize hegemon. Any accident would be one ending.

- Bruce Andrews

Friday, August 15, 2008


Few writers have been as important to us as Yedda Morrison, so it is a sincere pleasure to announce the publication of her new book-length work, girl scout nation. Picking up where Crop (Kelsey Street Press, 2003) left off, girl scout nation is a complex meditation on language and landscape, the feminine and the image, Iraq and Laura Bush. In short, it is writing about that which is most urgent and a work that clears a new present. But don't take our word for it:

"My overwhelming sense in reading girl scout nation is one of gratitude, as one is grateful perhaps for an earth to "go up and down in," however difficult may be the terrain. One sees here not as a colonist mapping the landscape as an alien quantity, but as a participant in the rhythms and forms of an ecology:

the human eye

a striated leaf

In girl scout nation, I am grateful that the desert West, the California North Coast, and the Sierra it proposes are actual, and exceed their roles in allegory. I am grateful that it goes some way toward uttering a public language of responsibility, in which, among other talismanic words, we find "Abu Ghraib" written in the cells of the American body and across the vistas of the American landscape. I am grateful for the hand and eye and leaf in "Survivor North Coast (Shelter Cove)," a beautiful and true and (in this book's context) exceptionally hard-won new approach to the nature poem. I am grateful that it teaches this transplant to the West the names of birds and bushes, while not neglecting the names for industrial chemicals, bombs, and new, possibly unofficial body parts. I am grateful that it knows I was once a girl, even when I was a boy.

I am grateful that it ends by inviting me-and us, as readers-to get lost. Again."

--Taylor Brady

"It is a rare book that makes us constantly ask how the author achieved such beauty, complexity, clarity. girl scout nation is one of those, its wide lines barreling across the landscape of the page, covering amazing swaths of time, myth, devastation, sensuality, in gorgeous pointed material utterances; or suddenly pulling the reader up in short musical stops, botanical lists, girl scout ditties, surveillance techniques. There is rage, here, the body where it meets the staggering earth, contained in the tiny catapulting figure of Scout, herself contained by the entire rage of the planet; and this rage is the more effective for being “the deep glowing red inside the barrel,” for being nowhere and everywhere, for being a girl, just a girl there/daddy. Both primal and urbane, girl scout nation is rich hard realism on its way to Disney upside down. After Crop, Yedda Morrison has done it again: I love this book."

--Gail Scott

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Introducing Displaced Press

Displaced Press will publish 25 books over the next 5 years. We seek to publish literary work in English which responds critically and politically to the present moment, and work in translation with similar, albeit culturally and politically specific, ends.

Our first slate of books include:

1) Girl Scout Nation by Yedda Morrison
2) revv. you’ll—ution by Brenda Iijima
3) Collobert Orbital by Johan Jönsson (translated by Johannes Göransson)
4) Collapsable Poetics Theater by Rodrigo Toscano

We are particularly interested in receiving queries about works in translation. If you have an interesting translation project, feel free to contact us.